Sell Retirement Right - Sales Plan Support

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Support Every Step of the Way

Not every 401(k) provider knows how to sell and service the small business market, but we've made in our specialty.

Whether you are new to the 401(k) business, an experienced wealth manager or a 401(k) expert focused on large plans, we simplify the 401(k) experience to maximize outcomes, provide peace of mind and help you sell retirement right.

We Make It Easy For You

You don't need to be an expert in 401(k) plans to be successful in this market.

All you need is a strong client relationship and the right 401(k) product partner. We support you every step of the way with a simplified, repeatable process that helps you identify sales opportunities in the small- to mid-size 401(k) market.

Let us help you position yourself as the 401(k) advisor of choice to your prospects through:

  • Relationship best practices to keep you top of mind as their potential 401(k) advisor
  • Benchmarking tools to help you evaluate plan attributes
  • Customized proposals and finalist presentations
  • Quality marketing collateral that addresses their 401(k) needs

We keep things simple and spare your time and resources so you can focus on developing client relationships.

Strengthen Your Client Relationships

We understand that your clients are your most valuable asset. We can help you protect those relationships with an efficient 401(k) solution that provides peace of mind for you and your clients.

We will partner with you to service the plan and protect those relationships you’ve worked so hard to build. We will help you:

  • Determine how 401(k) plans fit within your practice
  • Leverage your relationships to request referrals
  • Analyze different options available to your 401(k) clients

As a 401(k) advisor, you can provide added value to your clients and protect your wealth management practice.

Why should you consider the small 401(k) market?

It's simple. The small 401(k) plan asset-based model could provide greater margins. With the help of Mutual of Omaha Retirement Services, you can earn approximately $25,000 annually on one $10 million plan – all while doing less work.

With our small market 401(k) solution, you can leverage our resources to provide the same high-quality service, investments and fiduciary standards reflected in your practice today. We will assist you with:

  • Straightforward pricing and fee structure
  • Multiple QDIA options and non-proprietary mutual funds selected through an independent third-party due-diligence process
  • Turnkey plan conversion, implementation and ongoing support

You can continue focusing on large plans while profiting as an experienced advisor for a select few quality small plans.